JD Hancock’s Trip to iPhoneland

These tiny people in their makeshift worlds are just too adorable. What was a rug and an iPhone for us becomes a whole swimming pool on soft green turf for them – people so small they can’t be bigger than a fingernail.

In his series called iPhoneland, Texas photographer JD Hancock has an iPhone set the stage for four miniature scenes of teeny tiny people doing outdoor activities, all set atop artificial green rug grass.  In this world, nature is fluffy and plush and things shine like they have a backlight – kind of like a utopia where we let technology wash over us and suddenly we’re small in comparison. But we don’t care because it’s not the evil kind of technology, it’s the kind that makes life easier and facilitates progress.




JD Hancock started building websites professionally in 1995, and he’s worked at startups as everything from owner and product manager to web designer and customer support. His career in photography has been just as successful and his work has been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, Wired and The Guardian.

You can read more about his life and the fact that he’s an actual cyborg on JD’s website.




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Source: Lost at E Minor.