Ripples at Rest: Fredrik Skåtar’s Vibration Mirror

Fredrik Skåtar is a Swedish architect, artist and researcher exploring and manipulating natural forms. He created his “Vibration mirror” in 2010, a polished aluminum sculpture that expanded on a previous work “Wave table.” “Wave table” was made of acrylic glass so you could see ‘through’ the water instead of your own reflection.

The ripples in the ‘water’ of “Vibration Mirror” reveal a distorted view of what’s before the piece, bringing the viewer into direct interaction with the work. Two half-circles radiate out, as if two people standing in front of the work each created their own stir in the flat mirror. The mirror’s flat top contrasts its busy bottom, where the two sets of scattered wrinkles intersect to create a loose grid of waves.



Fredrik writes, “Shapes of water are constantly generated all around us, too fast for the human eye to perceive. The Vibration mirror is a sculpture where time has been stopped to materialize the complex geometry of intersecting water ripples.

The Vibration mirror is a part of the projects ‘From animation to sculpture’ and ‘Matter of sound’ that was funded by The Swedish Arts Grants Committee (Konstnärsnämnden) and The Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts in 2010 and 2012.”



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BOKE’s Water Droplet Photography

German artist Sascha Bokelmann goes by B-O-K-E on his DeviantArt page, where he shares the incredible freeze-frame photo manipulations that turn water droplets into animals and insects. He uses a camera and lots of Photoshop brushwork to convert splashing water into a three-dimensional outline of dragonflies, horses and elephants, and each image takes anywhere between six hours and a week to complete.

Crafting shapes from water turns them into ethereal transparent beings, glowing with the crystal shine of water against dark backgrounds. More than anything though these water sculptures appear temporary – they’re fleeting ghosts of the creatures they represent, shifting and shining like a powerful natural element.







See more of Sascha’s work on his DeviantArt page.