10 Applicable Artworks About Hands

Almost everything we do is done with our hands. We type, eat, lift and hold with a palm surrounded by four dextrous fingers and a very useful thumb. Hands mean action – when they’re at work, so are we. Here, artists show us hands detached from the bodies they belong to so that we see them as our hands, our mother’s and our brother’s hands. Things as basic as body parts bring us together, show us what we have in common. These artworks give our hands imagined abilities we’d never have considered, letting us for a moment feel attentive, skilled, connected, trapped and powerful all at once.

The 16th century German philosopher Immanuel Kant said, “The hand is the visible part of the brain.” These paintings and drawings and photographs let us see the outcome of what’s within.

1. Katarzyna

  Wolodkiewicz, Caress (2011)

[zl_mate_code name=”Orange Dynamic” label=”3″ count=”1″ who=”div” text=”In a world of swirling brushstrokes, a single hand reaches down with fingers curled.

The hand carefully scratches a blue line against the orange, spreading its soft color deeper into a fire of orange and red.”]


[/zl_mate_code] Source: mydarkenedeyes.tumblr.com



2. Mary E. Bresciani, Radioactive


[zl_mate_code name=”Green Dynamic” label=”4″ count=”1″ who=”div” text=”Five fingers are laid out matter-of-factly before us in black and white.

We can see bones glowing underneath the skin because here we have x-Ray vision. “]


[/zl_mate_code] Source: unplu66ed.tumblr.com



3. Hong Sungchul, String

  Mirror (2009)

[zl_mate_code name=”Pink Dynamic” label=”1″ count=”1″ who=”div” text=”In a photograph printed on elastic strings, two pairs of hands reach a cross the distance, grabbing wrists and doubling the bond by pulling gently, elegantly forward with the other hand. “]


[/zl_mate_code] Source: insolacion.tumblr.com



4. Shohei Otomo

[zl_mate_code name=”Blue Dynamic” label=”2″ count=”1″ who=”div” text=”A hand that’s drawn in black and white makes the red elastic glow.

The rubber band is stretched around the thumb from pinky to index finger, locked and loaded with the potential energy to snap.”]


[/zl_mate_code] Source: insolacion.tumblr.com



5. Truls Espedal, The

   Return (2010)

[zl_mate_code name=”Orange Dynamic” label=”3″ count=”1″ who=”div” text=”A tiny bird is coming in for a landing on an outstretched finger.

The hand emerges from the center of the canvas’ dark bottom, its palm in the exact middle of a green-brown background.”]

hand [/zl_mate_code] Source: fer1972.tumblr.com



6. Corinne Reid 

[zl_mate_code name=”Blue Dynamic” label=”2″ count=”1″ who=”div” text=”This hand extends from the bottom in the same way, but it’s joined by a scratchy vine of black and grey that surrounds it and the pencil it holds.

Does the creepy vine carry the words for the pencil to write or prohibit them?”]


[/zl_mate_code] Source: insolacion.tumblr.com 



7. Daniel Grzeszkiewicz,

  I’m Back

[zl_mate_code name=”Green Dynamic” label=”4″ count=”1″ who=”div” text=”A hand breaks through a wall, dramatically pulling itself through the hole it made.

The wall drips black and the hand is hunched forward like it’s on the prowl for more wall to break.”]


[/zl_mate_code] Source: perpetu8.tumblr.com




8. artist unknown

[zl_mate_code name=”Pink Dynamic” label=”1″ count=”1″ who=”div” text=”Two pink hands melt in a sea of turquoise.

One is just fingers but the other is cut off at the wrist, stretching up to avoid the fate of becoming liquified pink.”]


[/zl_mate_code] Source: cmd-zeta.tumblr.com



9. Bethany LeAnne, Creating


[zl_mate_code name=”Orange Dynamic” label=”3″ count=”1″ who=”div” text=”Two hands cup a lightening bolt that springs from a tiny glowing cloud.

There’s real power here, or at least a deep desire for it – a need to feel able to do more.”]


[/zl_mate_code] Source: unplu66ed.tumblr.com



10. Oriol Angrill Jordà, Hand by

   Hands (2007)

[zl_mate_code name=”Blue Dynamic” label=”2″ count=”1″ who=”div” text=”A hand has hands for fingers.

Five different hands move and stretch from the same palm, like we’re looking into multiple dimensions of expression.”]


[/zl_mate_code] Source: insolacion.tumblr.com