Ole Ukena’s Conceptual Typographic Sculpture

Ole Ukena is a German artist who uses simple, modern conceptual works to make a point. He lives and works between Berlin and Bali, and he’s shown his work all over Thailand, India, Germany and France. Although not all his works involve typography, they do have a distinctly clean look that’s only emphasized with big, bold lettering.

His artist statement reads,

“I am not limiting myself to one medium. I simply can’t. It’s a constant adventure, finding new materials in the countries in which I travel, encountering objects or phrases that can be transformed into specific, meaningful pieces. While my work often displays a strong conceptual nature, I am also very drawn to the intuitive.This balancing energy forces me to step out of my mind and just create. These forces are like my left and right hand. My works try to create a map of the human mind, in an attempt to tell a tale about the very nature of it with all its possibilities, limitations, irritations, and hopes.”


“Burnout Syndrome” burned matches, canvas, 2012

Made up of more than 9,000 matches, the matches in the last WORK‘s are struck and the smoke simmers upwards.




“Trust”  nails, wood, 2012

Comprised of more than 15,000 nails, “Trust” shows where it’s safe to sit.




“Giving up is not an option” zinc letters with black lacquer paint, 2012

Giving up is always an option, apparently. The last three letters didn’t make it to the wall, still lying, barely painted on the ground.





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