Nazar Şigaher’s “Frame”

The hands of a clock and it’s frame are made of the same material – and each hand it attached to a separate frame that moves with it as it circles the space of the clock over and over again.

Two squares rotating according to the increments we’ve given time result in clean shapes at the hours and varying degrees of chaos within them. Nazar Şigaher is a designer, interior designer and artist in Turkey. He’s pursuing a Masters in the History of Architecture at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, just north of Istanbul.

His website tells us,

“The hour and minute hands of Frame have frames made of material identical to that of hour and minute hands. The clock constantly changes its form as the hour and minute hands keep moving and take a given form twice a day only. Such constant change of form created by moving hour and minute hands give this clock a peculiarity that identifies with the concept of time.”




For more of Nazar’s work, see his website.

Source: egedesigns.


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  1. Can you buy this clock anywhere?

  2. I want to buy it for my boyfriend!!! Can I?