Bright Surreal Worlds by Cyril Rolando

Each of Cyril Rolando’s graphic illustrations creates it own landscape of wonder, taking your eyes to colorful places buried deep in imagination. He uses a lot of ocean which tends to set each scene on the shore – a dramatic place where land meets water.

In some works the water transforms into something else, becoming dresses and music that add a conceptual component to these bright effortless works.





Cyril Rolando is a 28-year-old digital artist and clinical psychologist living in southern France. He began drawing on his computer in 2004 and is completely self-taught, using only Photoshop CS2 and a Wacom tablet to create these incredible ethereal scenes.

On his DeviantArt page he writes,

“My artistic approach is set between surreal and fantasy style… in one word : Otherworldly… I like the absurdity, the creativity and the enchanting universes, where colors bring more emotions than thousand smiles or a million tears. I am curious of life. I admire the work of the time, the evolution of societies, the change of thoughts, the human revolutions….how drops after drops are born oceans. I choose the pseudo Aquasixio to put together my favorite element with my favorite digit. My characters are often lost children or in quest for their truth (and not THE truth). Their stories are quite sad but the darkness of life is more inspiring than happy and safe people, in my opinion.”

He says he doesn’t consider himself an artist, just a Photoshop user trying to tell a story with a picture, and his fulltime job as a psychologist allows for more distance between him and his work.



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For more of Cyril’s work, see his Tumblr and DeviantArt page.


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  1. Thank you very much for all the great things you said about my artworks… it motivates me to draw more more more :p