6 Spectral Artworks With Faces Erased

Are faces our identities? Are they what make us different, set us apart? If there are seven billion people alive right now, are there any with identical faces? Or do we embody the people who came before us, wearing the face of a great-grandmother or uncle instead of a new one we think is our very own?      These artworks take away the faces, showing people but hiding what makes them identifiable. It makes each figure more universal but also leaves you with an eerie feeling, like they have something to hide for a reason.

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 1. Bernhard Handick, Fine

  Feathers Make Fine

       Birds (2012)


[zl_mate_code name=”Green Dynamic” label=”4″ count=”1″ who=”div” text=”Just a black shirt against white, there’s a neck and a hint of chin but his skin blends into the background and his face evaporates in an instant.

All that’s left is the long trunk of a man who’s quickly fading.”]


[/zl_mate_code] Source: razorshapes.tumblr.com



2. Thomas Devaux, Les Visages

  et La Main


[zl_mate_code name=”Pink Dynamic” label=”1″ count=”1″ who=”div” text=”They looks like sisters, but the one turned away holds her hand to the other’s breast unapologetically. Their faces can be seen, but they’re smudged and the eyes are empty. The woman being touched leans her head back at an angle that’s only slightly crooked, and it’s creepy and mysterious, like she’s somehow disturbed.”]

Les visages et la main

[/zl_mate_code] Source: anitaleocadia.tumblr.com



3. Clare Elsaesser, So

  Much (2013)


[zl_mate_code name=”Orange Dynamic” label=”3″ count=”1″ who=”div” text=”This girl’s nose peeks through so she has a face, but most of the rest of it is masked by flowers.

She stands against a pale blue background with her arms folded and doesn’t seem to notice the clusters of pink petals smothering her figure.”]


[/zl_mate_code] Source: this isn’t happiness



4. Delaney Allen, Hidden

     Self (2012)


[zl_mate_code name=”Green Dynamic” label=”4″ count=”1″ who=”div” text=”A man standing in the sand faces us head on. We can see everything from his stylish leather shoes to his checkered button-down with the sleeves casually rolled up.

His face is the only part we can’t see – sand streaks across the frame and his head is lost in a cloud of white.”]


[/zl_mate_code] Source: likeafieldmouse.com



5. Faceless from The Nightmare   Factory


[zl_mate_code name=”Blue Dynamic” label=”2″ count=”1″ who=”div” text=”An archaic looking image in black and white, a man turns his face toward the light and it looks like someone took an eraser to the whole thing.

His face is washed out by the light completely, becoming nothing but empty space.”]


[/zl_mate_code] Source: thelinktoheaven.tumblr.com



6. Photography from Kyle



[zl_mate_code name=”Pink Dynamic” label=”1″ count=”1″ who=”div” text=”In this conceptual photograph his face is covered by a long white sheet that spirals out towards the frame, lifting his body as the rest of him hangs straight down.”]


[/zl_mate_code] Source: beautiful decay


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  1. amazing works,but there are more stuff like this to show us right? 🙂


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