Campbell’s new soup cans are channeling Andy Warhol

Campbell’s new soup cans
photo courtesy of ABC News blog

Starting this Sunday, you’ll be able to find a spruced-up Campbell’s soup can at Target, design courtesy of Andy Warhol. These colorful new cans are Campbell’s way of celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of Warhol’s famous “32 Campbell’s Soup Cans.”

To accompany these special soup cans, Campbell’s Facebook page has gone Warhol-wild, with a pop art filter for your photos and a memory game where you match up the new different colored cans.

Warhol had always loved Campbell’s Soup, and the company used to send him cases of it for free. “I used to have the same lunch every day for twenty years,” he said.

Warhol’s “32 Cambell’s Soup Cans,” each a different kind, made 1962.

Initially, Campbell’s didn’t like the idea of Warhol using their cans in his work. But they decided to wait on taking legal action until the public had reacted to the piece. By 1964 the pop art soup cans had become a phenomenon, and Campbell’s even sent a letter to the artist thanking him and praising his work.

“I have since learned that you like tomato soup,” Campbell’s marketing manager wrote, “I am taking the liberty of having a couple cases of our tomato soup delivered to you.”

Story found on the ABC News blog here.

Read more about the history between Warhol and Campbell’s in USA Today’s article here.

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    • Thanks for the extra link! I don’t think Warhol would have minded…. He’d probably be surprised that it took them 50 whole years to come up with a marketing campaign that required little to no work!