The Weight of Air: Incredible street art on 3rd

These pictures are from some beautiful street art I passed yesterday. I tweeted out an image, but decided it deserved its own post, especially since it takes up an entire building. You can find it for yourself on 3rd Street between 2nd Ave and Bowery.

Shadowed birds fly towards her with fervor, surrounding and overwhelming this anonymous person as she covers her face in despair. The paint is rough and dripping in all places and like most street art, this only makes it more beautiful since it’s being forced to survive outside on the New York City streets.

The birds fly from beneath written words which read:

paradox will assume new meaning
and be found to be the language
which the intuition uses when the intellectual currency has failed
the use of paradox
does not spring from a desire to mystify
the hearers or oneself

it arises from
the inability of language to
say two things at once

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  1. I saw this today on my way home and couldn’t help but to stop and enjoy it for a few minutes.

    I believe the writing actually says “…the language which INTUITION uses…” and “…the use of paradox does NOT spring from a desire to mystify…”

    Petty corrections, but I think they are important to the point of the piece.

    Nice photos!

  2. Thanks for the correction! I spent forever trying to figure out that word and invention was my best guess, but intuition makes a lot more sense:)