Studies & Similars: July 21

There’s so much to gain by comparing works with one another. Especially when they deviate only slightly. And whether it was intentional or just happenstance, it’s still interesting to see what came from two different artists with the same idea. Because no two pieces will ever be alike when they come from different hands.

Studies: Hisaji Hara’s photo studies of Balthus’ images of erotic innocence 

In this series, Hara modelled his photos on paintings by the controversial 20th century artist, Balthus. But in this study of Balthus’ work, he dressed up his subjects in school uniforms to emphasize this transitional period between childhood and adulthood.

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Balthus, Katia reading (Katia Lisant), 1974, tempera on canvas, 180 x 210 cm
Hisaji Hara, A Study of ‘Katia Reading’, 2009. Courtesy of Michael Hoppen Gallery,
Balthus, The Room, c.1953, oil on canvas, 335 x 270.5 cm
Hisaji Hara, A Study of ‘The Room’, 2009. Courtesy of Michael Hoppen Gallery

Balthus, Portrait de Therese, 1939, Lithograph.
Hisaji Hara, A Study of ‘Portrait of Therese’, 2009.
Similars: Although the following works were made independently, they both show representations of a kind of drawn long-exposure, revealing multiple hand-on-head poses of worry.
The work of Moises Mahiques
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The work of Jakub Kujawa:
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