How we see the animals: June 18

I find our representations of animals so interesting. If they could, what would they think about us replicating them for our own purposes?
What would my dog think if he knew every time I checked my phone I saw his little picture on my lock screen background?
Why do we ascribe certain characteristics to certain animals to the point where they become symbols of something entirely different?
I like to think they’d be flattered. Because all these beautiful little creatures are definitely worth drawing/painting/sculpting/describing.

Click the links in the captions for more by each artist.

Fox by Carrie Booth

Open wide! Welcome Swallows by John Dart

By Finnish artist Samuli Heimonen

Canary 3 by Kate MacDowell

By digitalART2

Horse paper sculptures by Anna-Wili Highfield for Hermès found here.

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