On Deck, Malcolm Morley, 1966

Magna on canvas. At the Met.

The title pretty much says it all with this one. Well, either “On Deck” or “Reminiscent of a 60s Coke Ad.” “On Deck” is probably more poignant, not to mention accurate considering no one in the image is even holding a coke. Instead we see couples having another kind of drink on the deck of a cruise ship. Headscarves and sunglasses are worn by those around a red table holding red drinks. One man on the right stares solitarily into the distance, but everyone else seems to be engaged in general merriment, or at the very least conversation. This was definitely during a time when cruise ships were the exotic luxuries they started off as, and not the smelly, crowded islands of isolation they are now. The colors are incredibly rich– the bright blue sky with thin whisky clouds mirrors the blue clothing of those at the table. The woman closest to us has her bare legs in the sun’s rays as she enjoys a cigarette. The glamorous side of a regular life.

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