Out of the ordinary: July 2

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Doing something no one’s ever done before is pretty difficult now that we’ve been keeping track of that kind of thing for so long. But here are some of my favorite unusual sculptural exhibits: 

Jason de Caires Taylor’s Underwater Sculpture:
The Last Supper
Depth: 4m
Cancun, Mexico

The Phoenix
Depth: 4m
Cancun, Mexico

Ron Mueck’s In Bed
(photos found here)
Ron Mueck (Australian, b. 1958). In Bed, 2005. Mixed media, 63 3/4 x 255 7/8 x 155 1/2 in. (161.9 x 649.9 x 395 cm)

Willy Verginer’s Imbalances:

Thoughts rusty in the fingers, 2007
Lime acrylic
Spring slippers, 2007

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