Grounded Photography from Sarah Rosado

Sarah Rosado uses dirt as a medium, perfectly molding piles into compelling shapes. Each design seems to play with the fact that the material it’s crafted from comes from the ground, either morphing into plants and animals as natural as the ground itself, or running the opposite way and becoming objects of pure human-made materialism. Her work is so whimsical and clean, the mulch laid is against a pure white in contrast so sharp it’s harmonic.

Sarah’s artistic creations started with pencil on paper, but quickly turned digital and now she works in photography as well as design. All of her work emphasizes keeping all types of interpretations open, so that each image can mean as much as possible.


 Read what Sarah had to say about her work in the interview below!




Where do you get the dirt you use in your photographs?  


I get the dirt for my photographs by scooping dirt from the ground  in the parks.


For you, what is it about dirt that makes it the perfect medium to create from? 


The challenge to me is tossing this pile of dirt on the table and bringing it to life by carefully shaping it into the selected object. It’s a great medium as the dirt sways anywhere you take it.  Of course, it’s not easy, it takes practice and having the artistic skill to draw is helpful in maximizing the output of the image.



How much of the creation process happens after the photos have been taken, and how much of it happens before? (do you make the shapes perfectly out of dirt or edit the shape to perfection digitally later?)


The creation process is uniquely custom made.  Everything is handmade using different tools to obtain the desired shape and accessorizing with items found around the house. After that’s done the photo is taken. There is no cropping, or digital enhancements before or after.  It’s all real.



What’s your favorite (or a couple of favorites) photograph you’ve created? Who are your art idols?


My favorite photographs are the smoking revolver, little duckling and the tuxedo which I had lots of fun creating. It’s hard to choose a favorite among so many great artists.




See more of Sarah’s work on her website.