7 Contemporary Works About Duality

Duality is defined as “the condition of consisting of two parts, elements or aspects.” We’ve all felt the pressure of two sides at war within us, even if it’s something as small as our lazy side overpowering our desire to go out. Everyone has a masculine aspect that works against our feminine side, and a peaceful part that contrasts the out-of-control Hulks within us.

The best thing about duality is its simplicity – it’s always one side against another and all the messy, complicated other versions of ourselves sort of fall by the wayside as the two true nemeses duke it out.

1. by Igor Morski




2. ‘Nicola Twins’ by Alfonso Villagran, 2013




3. by Thomas Fournier



4. ‘Untitled,’ by Kyle Thompson and Nicholas Scarpinato, 2013


5. ‘Split the Difference’ by Bryn De Kocks



6. ‘Two bodies (Fall FW11 skin on skin)’ by Neil Barrett, 2011


7. artist unknown, illustration found here