Book Sculptures Bringing Stories to Life

Kelly Campbell Berry brings stories to life by turning books into a visualization of what’s within them, creating characters that float before the very text that breathed imagined life into them in the first place. The books open and the centers of their pages are ripped out to create a stage for the dynamic jumbled scenes of collaged settings and characters, whose illustration styles match the style of writing within them. The Wizard of Oz is colorful and young, and The Tales of Shakespeare is reminiscent of the Renaissance and based in realsim. Gulliver’s Travels is the only closed book and the characters seep out of the sides of it like the cover’s illustration is leaking.

The best part about these book sculptures is that they’re for sale at Kelly’s Etsy shop for less than you’d expect, ranging from Arabian Nights at $150 to Peter Pan and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea at $200.






Kelly said,

“I am truly amazed at the ability some people have to arrange words in such a way that we, the readers, can actually ‘see’ into the imagined world of the writer. We relate, feel, and become invested in the characters so deeply that we are pulled into their world for a brief moment of escape. My book sculptures are my way of showing what the words on the pages create in the imagination of the readers.”






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See more from Kelly Campbell Berry on Etsy and on her Tumblr.

Source: My Modern Met