Jeffro Uitto’s Driftwood Sculpture

Jeffro Uitto scours the Washington coast for perfect pieces of driftwood, then spends years combining and carving them into wondrous works of art. He makes functional pieces like extravagant chairs, benches and tables, and his animal sculptures have garnered a lot of press lately, but I think his conceptual sculpture is where it’s at.

The wood is so polished and smooth, it’s like nature’s been brought to perfection, especially since a lot of the works stand tall just like trees would. He photographs the works on the beach too, taking them back to the place where he first found the wood to begin with and making his whole artistic process cyclical and complete.


His website reads,

“Wherever he might be, Tokeland, WA is where Jeffro’s heart is. While enjoying the sound of the waves, Jeff will be working away at his next creation… Visitors are surprised to see that many of Jeffro’s tools are hand made by the artist himself. After you get to know him this isn’t surpising at all. Jeffro has a creative fire that burns hot and it keeps him going full speed when he’s working (and playing). ”


"See Life"

“See Life”

detail, "Andromeda" (6 feet tall)

detail, “Andromeda” (6 feet tall)

"Andromeda" (6 feet tall)

“Andromeda” (6 feet tall)

To see more of Jeffro Uitto’s work, see his website and Facebook page.