Beautiful girls painted by Marco Grassi

Marco Grassi is an Italian artist working in Milan, and his artworks are all casual colorful interpretations of people – usually sexy women. Some of his styles are looser than others, letting the color scribble across or swath wherever they please. His lines are always perfect though, each knowing exactly where that body part would emerge from the sometimes empty, sometimes patterned background.

Each of these women have so much personality behind their simply drawn expressions, but it’s always some form of happiness: peace, excitement, and especially “come hither.”

The piece below was my absolute favorite: the girl closes her eyes with so much serenity, like she’s finally free of a what used to be an excruciatingly¬†heavy burden. Her hair shines, picking up reflections of gold and yellow, and the horizontal wooden striped pattern covers her skin in purples and pinks, like colors coming in the wind. A beautiful trusting face beneath a reflective color filter, applied by the artist’s hand to accentuate parts of her face and body in purple and gold.


See more of Marco Grassi’s work on his website¬†here.