The Use of Art in Advertising

The common form of advertising is a form of communication used to persuade viewers or listeners to purchase a new product. But did you know that an outstanding radio or TV ad can also be referred to as a form of art?

When people hear the word “art,” they usually relate it to paintings and sculptures, like Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa,” or Michelangelo’s “David.” Art is used to chronicle events, tell a story, create statements or convey emotions. Art, when used effectively in radio and television advertisements, can influence a person’s feelings, attitudes and ideals, and even persuade the audience to purchase a product or service. A Super Bowl Pepsi commercial may not have a place in the Louvre but the ad fits this definition of art.

Audio Art
Despite the fact that it only appeals to our sense of hearing, an excellent radio ad utilizes various art forms such as music, script writing, sound effects and vocal talent to create visual images in the listener’s mind and to bring the ad to life. After the writer finishes the script, sound engineers would then manipulate the sounds to capture the perfect pitch, tone and volume. One of the best radio ads of 2012 is Earphone Bully. It even won a Gold Radio Lion at Cannes the same year.

Visual Art
With all the advanced technology available on the market, graphic artists are able to create remarkable visual effects through computer-generated graphics and animation. The famous 2006 Coke commercial from the Netherlands was shown worldwide because of its brilliant use of animation.

Cinematography & Photography
A simple concept may result to an explosive TV advert with the amazing use of cinematography. Just like Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” commercial from the recent Super Bowl season. It is a simple concept but the sequences and how the entire commercial was shot plus the music accompaniment appeals to the masses.

Even online gaming companies know the importance of a great cinematography. Online bingo game Iceland Bingo may have used two simple ducks walking down the road, but how the commercial was executed really gets the point across: Play bingo and you will have fun.

Same thing goes with photography. A plain food and beverage can turn into a visual masterpiece with just the right lighting and positioning of the camera to capture the perfect angle. All these artistry can contribute to sell a product successfully.


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