Peter Pink’s Potatoes

German artist Peter Pink uses vegetables as a medium, turning a sack of potatoes into a tiny conceptual army that takes on stereotypes in a way that’s flippant and funny. More than stereotypes though, more like popular thought and going along with the program because of how easy it is to blend in and give up and believe what they tell you. Pink positions the miniature crowds on the streets of Berlin, the short round potatoes forever the enemy of every tall skinny cucumber.

Which is why the little protesting potatoes are the best – they hold pink flags that match their glasses and the ticket tape that separates them from the sidewalk. Last year Peter Pink even organized a potato flash mob, posting the instructions and images needed to make your own little potato people, and asking people to leave them on the sidewalk in front of a McDonald’s branch in Berlin.








For more of Peter Pink’s work, see his website

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