Alexandra Pacula: Painting the Speed of Light

No matter how steady I held my camera, the lights inside Alexandra Pacula’s paintings just wouldn’t hold still. They’re now part of an exhibition at Gallery Henoch on New York City’s West Side, arranged alongside the abstracted figurative works of Gary Ruddell. The two create a balance between people and landscapes, rural and urban.

Alexandra gives us the urban landscapes – dynamic shots of New York City that set a dizzying scene in motion – the paint wet like the city  and the lights of buildings and cars streaming like we’re racing across the sky. The multicolored lights are a manmade rainbow in the dark – a testament to advancements in technology and architecture.

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For more from Alexandra Pacula, see her website.

These photographs were taken at her current Gallery Henoch showing, on view until May 25th in Chelsea, NYC.

Open Tuesday – Saturday 10:30am-6pm, 555 W. 25th Street



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