Art, Again

It’s funny how art can be reinterpreted. There’s a super-human group of iconic artists, the ones every one can recognize whose incredible style gets digested and reappropriated on nearly every other artist’s canvas that came after them.

I recently came across an artist who uses faces instead of canvases for a more personal kind of reinterpretation. Andy Alcala posts “Making of” videos where you can watch him perform the coolest face painting of all time; very calm and methodical, working in front of a black sheet to match the black backwards baseball cap holding his hair back. But more impressive are the collection of final photographs – dozens of repurposed masterpieces painted onto a face facing you with eyes closed.

Below you’ll find a few of his works with their corresponding artwork beside:

“You Are So Little” by Andy Warhol, 1958

From the artist’s Flickr here.

“The Persistence of Memory” by Salvador Dali, 1931

From the artist’s Flickr here.

“Nympheas” by Claude Money, 1904

From the artist’s Flickr here.

“Sailboats in Pourville” by Anna Bilinska, 1885

From the artist’s Flickr here.

“Whaam!” by Roy Lichtenstein, 1983

From the artist’s Flickr here.

There’s a really cool “Making of” video for “Whaam!” on Vimeo here.

Sometimes we apply these reinterpretations of artworks to the artists themselves. We’ve all seen the adorable little artist costumes, but I really love the dissected artists, the men in full costume with their insides painted the same way their hands did.

All photos from Vlamboyant.

Dissected Picasso: 

Dissected Van Gogh:

Dissected Dali:

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